Rise of the Terrans

Session 13

Session 13: Darude – Sandstorm

After talking to Loki, the PCs decide to return to the main room and talk to Borris, who is sitting in a command chair and looking through screens. He tells the PCs that he would like them to shut down the weapons system, to ensure the safety of the incoming Synodans. While the PCs are able to overall convince Borris that they were still under mind control, he reinforces his influence over Joel and Sarah (after they fail to properly convince him of their loyalty). To help with the weapons system, Borris tells Space Jingwei and Liza to accompany the PCs: Jingwei is skilled with the consoles, while Liza has his trust (something that Joel and Sarah, in particular, do not have). The PCs attempt to rebuff Liza, but to avoid suspicion they allow her to go. Borris appoints Adriana as the mission leader, and he firmly states that Liza will follow her orders. As they leave, Liza and Borris share a moment, much to the PCs surprise. The PCs walk cautiously to the weapons system. Adriana, through her communicator, informs Loki of their path and requests that the hallways be empty of opposition. Sarah attempts to engage Liza in conversation, learning that she did not know Borris prior to their abduction; however, during the initial weeks of separation, Borris telepathically contacted her and spoke with her. She is aggressive to the PCs, accusing them of not even trying to understand Borris and his plans, and she is especially suspicious to Joel. During the walk, Liza grows slightly less suspicious of the PCs, though she is still upset with Joel (going so far as to show her terrible scars from him stabbing her).

As the PCs approach the weapons room, Adriana requests that Loki cause a commotion in a nearby hallway by engineering, as Liza is suspicious of how empty the hallways are. The PCs soon hear a minotaur bellowing in pain, along with loud banging and a door closing. Adriana attempts to lead the group away, but only Ashlee knows of her talks with Loki. When Liza asserts that they can easily overcome two minotaurs—consisting of one healthy and one injured minotaur—Sarah agrees, pulling out her swords. Adriana finally relents, and allows Liza to look around the corner. Liza’s shadow darkens and stretches down the hallway and around the corner. After a moment, she returns to her body, silently motioning to the group that there are two minotaurs, and one is missing an arm. Sarah and Liza then go to take care of the problem, with Liza telling her to keep up as she turns into a shadow. As Sarah rounds the corner, swords drawn, Liza assumes a flanking position in shadow form. Sarah aggressively lunges at the healthy minotaur, pushing it onto Liza’s drawn blade, which appears to be dripping with poison. As Liza cuts the minotaur in half, she brings down her other blade and kills the injured one, before it can make a noise. They return to the other PCs, with Liza obviously more comfortable with the situation.

When the PCs are closer to the weapons room, Liza pushes past Joel—turning into a shadow before he can burn her—toward Adriana. Before Joel can attack her, Sarah pulls him back, preventing him from drawing daggers or flaming worse. Liza tells Adriana that the room has five guards: two outside and three inside. The PCs discuss options, and Liza points out that they can draw the minotaurs inside with an alarm. Space Jingwei uses an omni tool to pull up a wall console, and he sets off an alarm. At the same time, Joel gasses the room with nitrous oxide, and the PCs go in when they hear the bodies thud on the ground. Adriana quickly rebuffs Liza’s attemps to kill the downed guards and to hack the weapons system, pointing out that her fighting skills would be best suited outside, along with Sarah and Ashlee to guard the door. Liza is suspicious and snaps at her, but she follows orders. Space Jingwei immediately begins hacking the sytem, along with Joel, who starts playing Darude – Sandstorm. As they dance in a progressively more ridiculous manner, Adriana and Pip keep an eye on the guards. Adriana is forced to hit a bird Geb when it starts to wake; she knocks it out entirely. (Does Loki get informed of all of this? I can’t remember.)

The door opens and Liza is confused, while Ashlee shakes her head in shame, as the other PCs and Space Jingwei dance to Darude – Sandstorm down the hall, with Pip still acting like a strobe light. Sarah points out that the original hallway will likely have guards, so a detour would be necessary. Adriana forces the PCs to go toward the room containing the cloaking console. They take a detour, but they are soon interrupted by incoming minotaurs. Adriana turns into water on the ground, while Ashlee turns into air. Liza turns into a shadow on the wall, as Joel assumes a sexy pose on the ground while burning. Sarah in a panic turns into a rock, before Pip picks her up and hides by the ceiling. Liza, realizing that Joel would never fool the guards, shoots the lights in the hallway and blankets Joel with her shadow form. The guards pass by, unknowing of the humans, and they all reassume their forms, with Liza disgusted by what she did for the mission. Pip drops Sarah off, but not before she gets high from trying to smoke a pipe like a Hobbit. Liza grows increasingly suspicious of their detour and of Adriana, but Sarah is so annoying that she is distracting, allowing Space Jingwei and Joel to hack the cloaking console. Adriana intimidates Space Jingwei into giving access to the command center (with Ahmose and Hemaka), along with his omni tool. He is obviously upset, and even mentions that at least Borris was nice to him, but they accomplish their mission.

The PCs then continue to walk to Borris’s commander center, ready for their next mission. Adriana is fully aware that Joel is somewhat weak to Borris’s mind control, and Sarah is similarly weak (a problem worsened by her being nice to Liza).


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