Rise of the Terrans

Session 14

Session 14: And They Burn, Burn, Burn

The PCs continue making their way to Borris. With Sarah, Pip, and Joel distracting Liza thanks to Darude – Sandstorm (and with Pip providing strobe lights), Adriana is able to speak privately with Space Jingwei and Ashlee about their next steps. Adriana decides to inform Space Jingwei about Borris’s mind control powers; however, he is immediately suspicious and doesn’t buy her story, even after Adriana demonstrates that it’s possible for humans to have additional elemental powers not given to them by the Aesir (using her water powers). Space Jingwei gets increasingly agitated, and Adriana and Ashlee quickly try to come up with a new plan: if Space Jingwei made it back to Borris, he likely wouldn’t accompany the PCs on the next mission, allowing Borris to discover that they’re helping Loki. Adriana calls Pip up to ask about the transporter room, as the PCs could use that to send Space Jingwei to Loki’s command center, where he would be safe from Borris. Pip takes her question literally, and he speeds off in the direction of the transporter room. The PCs chase after him, with Sarah and Ashlee leading the chase (unfortunately, for different reasons, thanks to Pip’s strobe lighting).

As they round a corner, Pip comes to a halt with an “uh oh,” and Sarah and Ashlee stop in front of a hole, about five feet in diameter, in the ground. It clearly bores through the ship to a deeper level, and the edges are melting from heat. Behind them and down the hall, Joel comes up last, and he accidentally closes a blast door while leaning against the wall for air. Ashlee feels the ship trembling below her, but before she can say anything a massive creature made from magma errupts out of the whole in front of the PCs. Behind them, two Synodan constructs bore through the walls, while another two enter the room with Joel. Ashlee and Adriana recognize the creatures, but the hurler attacks Sarah with a chunk of magma before they can react. Ashlee immediately retaliates with a spell, injuring the hurler but enraging it even further. Sarah emerges from the magma with minimal injuries, her stony skin turned to obsidian due to the heat. Space Jingwei immediately goes to open the door that Joel had locked, along with Liza, who helps him kill the two constructs (humiliating him in the process and giving him another warning about trying to harm her). Adriana uses water magic to quench the hurler, while Sarah uses the hurler corpse as a wall to stab a magma centipede. Adriana, Ashlee, and Sarah quickly dispose of the other two constructs, before Liza alerts everyone that the door they were trying to go through was beginning to melt from heat.

Adriana instructs everyone to retreat into the hallway, closer to the transporter room, but Joel remains trapped under a construct corpse and can’t move before the doors burst open. Magma pours into the room, melting the floors and walls, and covering Joel completely. The PCs can see more magma centipedes and constructs in the hall, crawling on the walls and ceiling, before they too rush into the room. Adriana has Space Jingwei close the blast doors, and the PCs mourn Joel’s death before a burst of flame rushes into the hall before the doors can close.


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