Rise of the Terrans

Session 19

Session 19: Fuck These Wolves in Particular

The snowstorm completely buries the PCs in their igloo, blocking out the light entirely. During the night, the wolves left their camp alone, and the watches were uneventful. After some debate, the PCs decide to go along with Adriana’s idea for escape: tunnel through the snow underground using DAJ as a makeshift plow, with Adriana following and icing the tunnel to make it secure against collapse. Sarah and Joel begin pushing the frozen Asgardian, though Joel continually slips on the ice, while Pip sings along to Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man out of You.” The song, while strange to hear from Pip, lightens the mood and gives the PCs some inspiration to push forward. After some time, Joel begins to help Adriana by pointing out any areas needing more ice, to stop the wolves above—now awake and walking around attempting to find the PCs—from hearing them or smelling them. The PCs are almost given away, as Sarah struggles the push the ice more than 90 feet with snow piling up and becoming increasingly dense on the other side, and as Adriana struggles to keep the entire tunnel from collapsing on them while remaining quiet. She manages to put up a pillar to Pip’s rendition of Darude – Sandstorm, stabilizing the tunnel and acting as a barrier in case any wolves find them.

After hours of moving, the tunnel is almost 100 feet long, but the PCs are stopped by a loud noise, as the ice cracks and sunlight pours into the tunnel. Almost immediately, a black nose presses against the ice above Sarah and Joel, and they hear the sound of paws scraping ice and snow to reach them. Further down the tunnel, a massive wolf smashes through the ice and begins to run towards the PCs, though it’s on the other side of the ice pillar. Pip comes up with a plan to possibly kill the wolves near them, and scare any of the other wolves on the surface away: he will use his magic to collapse the roof, sending the wolf above them crashing down. The PCs get into position, with Adriana using her water powers to push the wolf already in the tunnel away from them, and to raise icy spikes below where the surface wolf will fall. Pip uses his powers with Joel and Sarah safely moved away (Joel having melted the ice for a small space after watching Sarah use brute force to slam her way into a small alcove of ice), but Adriana is still too close for his spell, and she is slammed against DAJ’s ice block. On the other side of DAJ, another wolf jumps into the tunnel, getting stuck and yipping at DAJ attempts to bite it.

The surface wolf slams into the ice spikes, and Sarah immediately follows with two slashes from her arm, now turned to stone. Adriana attacks the wolf, while Pip viciously mocks it and its mother, and the wolf tries to limp away, bloodied and severely injuried. It dies moments later after Pip mocks it again. DAJ is pulled onto the surface by a wolf, and the PCs can hear all of the wolves snarling while DAJ groans back. The other wolf finally makes it to the PCs after struggling to fit its massive body through the tunnel. It bites Sarah but she, in a bloodlust, can hardly feel the attack and instead slashes at the wolf, goading it into paying attention only to her. The other PCs take advantage of its distraction, burning it and pelting it with water. As it attempts to flee, trailing blood behind it, it howls to the other wolves, and the PCs can hear the pack leave.

Hardly injuried, the PCs assess the situation while Pip sings merrily above them. Adriana goes to the surface to see DAJ ripped to pieces and groaning pitifully. She uses an ice pick to put him out of his misery, and takes some of his possessions: some gold coins and a small dagger. Meanwhile, Sarah—still amped up on rage—attempts to single-handedly pull the dead wolf to the surface. She only manages to straighten it, while Joel skins it. He gets enough for two pelts, which he and Adriana use, and they gather extra meat for when their rations run out.


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