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Natives to the Ginnungagap System, the Æsir are native to the planet Asgard, the nearest of the three habitable planets to the Ginnungagap. The Æsir are fierce warriors and have a proud history of conquest against invaders and interlopes. Although the Asgardian Empire is named for the Æsir homeworld, most of the day to day governance of the empire is handled by Asgardians of Vanir descent, however, military leaders and soldiers are still overwhelmingly of Æsir descent.

Physically, Æsir are much more imposing than the Vanir, but much smaller than their other solar cousins, the Jötnar. Æsir range in height from 6’2" to 8’5" and weight between 350 and 500 lbs. They tend to be extremely broad with thick blond, brown, or red hair and light colored eyes. Most Æsir males, particularly military men, take pride in their beards and are known to decorate them with large beads, straps of leather, or trophies from battles. When first encountered ( Session 1), Marco described the Æsir as “huge dwarves”.

Although the Æsir and Vanir bloodlines very co-mingled at this point in time, the relationship between the Æsir and their other solar cousins, the Jötnar has been much more tumultueous. Despite the Æsir and Vanir being genetically compatible and the Vanir and Jötnar being genetically compatible, the Æsir adn Jötnar are genetically incompatable. Add to this that both these races tend to be much more warlike than the Vanir and there was seldom any reason for the two peoples to be at peace with one another.


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