Rise of the Terrans

Session 8

Session 8: Silt Whore…err… horror

They PCs fight the Silt Horror. It’s fucking terrible and they almost die. Marco finishes the mission, and they return to the ship, which was obviously under attack, because why wouldn’t it get attacked? Meanwhile, Loki’s gambit is attacked by Synodans, and a mutiny begins in the aftermath.

Account from Marco’s lob, stardate 1762.5:

We have been on this dreadful planet for a few days now, and it seems we are going to reach the end of our “vacation”. Little did we know that there was one more trick this planet had up its sleeve. As the team and I were reaching the ship that we had to tag, there was some sort of dried-up river that had some quicksand at the bottom, which would probably kill all of us.

As Ashlee made her way across, while my sister and I stayed on the river bank, she sang like an Italian on a beautiful morning; Sarah stood on a skeleton of some large animal that had died, while Joel was being carried across by Pip.

Suddenly, Sarah felt something big moving. Two tentacles came out of the ground next to Sarah, and a third tentacle came out in front of Ashlee. We all readied to fight a monstrosity of a mouth coming right out of the sane. It was a sight that I could never imagine; it looked like the nightmare of a small child brought to life. It was hungry, and it wanted Terrans. As the fight raged on, Joel and Pip remained in the air, with Joel still singing, before Pip finally decided to drop Joel (who said, “Pip what is going on?” before Pip dropped him with a “Sorry, but I really have to help Sarah; good luck!”). Joel finally saw the tentacle fighting Sarah, and with a turn he saw Ashlee being brought to the mouth of the beast, crying and screaming for help. Meanwhile, my sister and I started to attack from behind. We must have done a lot of damage, because the tentacles sunk back into the depths of sand, dropping Ashlee beside us, and nearly dragging Sarah down with the monster.

As we all started preparing for the next attack, yelling at each other, the monster burst out from the sand next to Ashlee and me. I escaped by the skin of my teeth, while Ashlee was picked up and again moved to the monster’s mouth. My sister IMMEDIATELY INTERRUPTED the monster, putting it in its place, and I managed to carve an M into a tentacle; it immediately slapped at me, causing me to land in the river bed and sink into the sand. Almost instantly, the maw of the monster appeared next to Sarah and Joel, putting them in a bad spot. Its emergence knocked Joel into the sinking sand. As I climbed out of the sand, I felt something trying to grab me, but I focused on escaping and saved Ashlee from a tentacle’s grip. Joel managed to get out of the sand; I saw Sarah take cover behind the skeleton as the monster flung sand into the air to hide itself. Pip transformed into a sand ray to distract the monster, as my sister stood on a rock to take aim. The monster took its chance to attack, but suddenly a bright light shot down from what seemed like space, focused on the monster by my sister’s magic. As the monster began to fight back, my sister attacked with greater ferocity, driving the beast to sink back into the pit.

Finally, the fight was over; we were all relieved to see it disappear. But there was one more thing to do before we could leave. As I prepared to go tag the ship, Sarah fixed the comms and called Ahmose. He answered, relieved to see us, but not so much to see us in our present condition. We explained that we had just fought a Silt Horror, and that he was surprised to see that we survived and killed one. He then promised to send for us once the ship was tagged. By the ship, I noticed that the Synodons were trapping elementals in pods of some sort. Whatever it was, we needed to put a stop to it. I tagged the ship, and ran back to the group; immediately, the rings appeared to pick us up.

When we made it back to the ship, we were all shocked to see signs of a battle that just happened. We were debriefed, and learned that Synodans had boarded the ship; there were fights throughout the ship, but they were able to clear out the enemies. However, the cost of life was high. It seemed that the black and white squads merged into one. Many of the people that were taken from earth are thinking about taking the ship; I worry about what is going to happen next. I just hope that I don’t have to put anyone in their place, or worse, kill them.

Marco signing out.


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